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About Us

Nutrific is a US-based natural healthcare research company in the field of natural extracts and their impact on human health. We develop, research, and design bespoke natural healthcare extracts for clients which may confer powerful health benefits. Most of our approved extracts demonstrate bioavailability and Phytoactivity and contain phytochemicals which have health benefits. We can formulate new potent natural bioactive extracts into oils, drinks, and powders. We can also infuse certain extracts into existing formulas and can in certain cases create more powerful synergistic effects. This has recently been demonstrated in the repurposing of drugs here in the USA.


Our portfolio includes a selection of rare natural extracts, largely unknown in the USA at the current time; many are substantiated with peer-reviewed scientific papers. Our corporate philosophy is focused strongly on quality control; it is essential that any manufacturing processes of bioactive extracts recognize and understand certain critical aspects in the formulation of healthcare products in order to preserve their intrinsic qualities and integrity. We only collaborate with highly specific, specialized manufacturing companies with a clear understanding of cellular extraction delivery in water-soluble plant compound profiles. We can also purify some compounds out of extracts further, thereby strengthening efficacy. Our current emphasis is on anti-inflammatory compounds that demonstrate Mechanisms of Action at cellular protein blocking, cytokine storm inhibition and regulation, and antimicrobial activity (MIC).

The Science

Nutrific has identified natural products that act on new molecular pathways to suppress inflammation at critical points in the biochemical pathways. The Company has shown that certain active compounds decrease obesity-induced increases in abdominal fat pads, blood pressure, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. For all these organs, we postulate that the major mechanism involves the suppression of COX-2 pathways. This then prevents the inflammatory cells that circulate in the blood from entering the tissues, so preventing damage to these tissues. Further, the Company has shown that one particular extract reduces blood pressure in mildly hypertensive humans at least as well as current anti-hypertensive drugs.
We strongly endorse the view that functional foods and natural extracts are potential therapeutic options for metabolic syndrome, in effect we can:

  •  Introduce rare natural Australian extracts largely unknown to the USA market, which demonstrate bioactivity
  • All extracts are supported by rigorous science, (peer-reviewed published) both in Australia and lately novel new (confidential)
    research from the USA
  • Utilize latest manufacturing processing technology at specialized Australian manufacturing plants ensures the long-term integrity of (bioactive) molecules suspended in powders and aqueous solutions; this has never been achieved before.

The Team

Giles Tilley

Giles Tilley has over 35 years of Senior International Business Development & Management experience within the Natural Healthcare industry. Giles has worked closely with the Australian government for more than 15 years identifying innovative natural Australian healthcare products and technologies and guiding them from initial market entry strategy to international success, including working on Australian Manuka Honey in international markets, especially in Germany and Japan.

He has gained widespread success as an innovative entrepreneur, having stunned Australia by becoming only the second person ever in its history to sell non-alcohol specialized dermaceuticals to NASA shuttle operations in the U.S., a feat which gained him both media attention and a political citation from the Queensland State Premier. He has consulted to Medifruit Pty Ltd since 2010 and driven the Company’s international R&D program, culminating recently in a platform of patents in the pain and inflammatory category.

Since 2010 he has branched out as a specialist consultant and is retained by GenBio to advise on rare novel extracts for the U.S. market. His expertise is in start-ups and he has guided several to success in his 35-year career in this challenging area. Giles holds both a BA and MA from Oxford University.

Todd D. Sonoga

Todd has successfully represented public and private companies for over 20 years, consulting them on market awareness, support, raising capital, identifying merger and acquisition targets, advertising, marketing & branding. In 1992, Todd was recruited by Wall Street Publishing for their ‘The Small-Cap Report,’ out of Newport Beach California where he oversaw research, training, subscriber management, and served as Editor of the newsletter.

Todd in 1998, founded Trilogy Marketing Strategies, Wall Street Microcap in 2013 and Crowdfunding Power in 2014. In early 2017, Todd co-founded and assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer for WFN1 News Corp. (WFN1) and the show ‘CEO Money’ on Dallas Talk Radio Show on IHeart’s 1190 AM. Currently, Todd also owns and operates one of North America’s largest investor networks, with a total reach of over 10 million investors, and is a member or administrator to over 850 investment rooms, groups, boards, and affiliate investment websites.

Professor Lindsay Brown

Professor Lindsay Brown is currently Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, and since 2015 a Fellow of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Science. His 35 years of scientific research encompasses an emphasis on drugs acting on the heart and associated blood vessels, endocrine organs, and brain. His research team is internationally recognized for using rat models to determine whether interventions, including many natural products, can reverse or prevent disease-induced changes of the heart, liver, kidney, and adipose tissue, and to indicate whether these interventions should be further tested in humans with these diseases.

His recent studies have characterized the prevention of obesity-induced osteoarthritis in rats. Further, he has reported, including National TV, the decrease in blood pressure in mildly hypertensive patients using Australian Queen Garnet plum juice. He is an editor of Nutrients and Journal of Clinical Medicine. He also holds a USQ Excellence in Research award in 2015.

Contact Us

23411 Summerfield #22C
Aliso Viejo, CA
92656 | 949-705-8021